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Another video of Ariana Grande & Ryan Seacrest promoting iHeart Radio Festival on Good Morning America

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Ariana Grande ft. Nikki Minaj & Jessie J
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Big Bang (Snippet)
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Frankie’s Eulogy Video for Grandpa Grande

Highlights of Frankie’s Eulogy Video for Grandpa Grande

"It’s been a very difficult day for me. Mainly cause I’m not there for my family."

"He fought for his country, for his family, he fought every single day of his life."

"The fun loving ‘Frankie J Grande’ is still there, waiting for me outside this house. But in here I’m playing a character."

"Everyday that I’m on this earth, I try to be like him."

"He taught me the beauty of a manicure."

"His daughter, Joan Grande, gave birth to Frankie Grande & Ariana Grande. We know that Ariana is killing it."

"Ariana Grande is the light of his eye."

"He passed away knowing his granddaughter is one of the strongest, most talented, most successful artists of the generation."

"Next week, If I finish the Team America challenge, I will have enough to build a school. I am going to name it after him."

"I appreciate that he wanted me to stay here. I hope that you all support my decision, I hope that you help support my family."

"Everyone that is out there in the twitterverse, the Arianators, the Frankienstiens, thank you for all your love & support."

"To all you BB fans out there, don’t think cause I’m in mourning that you’re going to get any less of a fight out of me!"

"Frank Grande, 90 years old, one of the most remarkable men to ever live on this earth. Thank you for everything you taught me."

+ Letter to Frankie about Grandpa Grande’s Passing

Letter to Frankie about Grandpa Grande’s Passing

+ @arianagrande: frank & babe 💜 late 40s

@arianagrande: frank & babe 💜 late 40s

+ @arianagrande: the most handsome! grandps 1945

@arianagrande: the most handsome! grandps 1945

+ @arianagrande: I love you

@arianagrande: I love you

+ @arianagrande: Frank n babe

@arianagrande: Frank n babe